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X-Last®, the safest and most durable bollard.

After several years of research, Sabacaucho presents a new concept in bollards: the X-Last® bollard.  Made of a new material, with exclusive properties, the X-Last® bollards have maximum resistance and flexibility, which convert them into the safest and most durable bollards.    Thanks to their stiffness, they fully comply with its function of preventing vehicles from entering prohibited zones; but their flexibility means it is virtually impossible to break them, and after being knocked down, they return to its original position and form.
These bollards cannot be broken or dented and are not affected by rust… and we can make them in attractive customised designs in record time, or with our LookArT® proposals.

X-Last® bollards are guaranteed to last practically a lifetime and do not need to be replaced. That flexibility makes them extra safe compared to other metal bollards that are anchored to the ground and can cause serious harm to vehicles and people.  X-Last®, the safest, most durable, flexible and resistant bollard.

Our objective is to help you to redesign our streets with X-Last® and make them safer, more practical and more modern and attractive.


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Since 1979 we have been offering personalised solutions in all types of elastomers. We investigate. We innovate. We create. We produce. Our teams are prepared for anything: for that reason we have never rejected a project, no matter how difficult or complex it might seem.

The Best Service

As well as offering the very best solution to our customers, we are renowned for our efficient and quick responses. We are continually applying improvements to our production process in order to always offer the best service to our customers.


C./ Maresme, 1 - 08211 Castellar del Vallès
Barcelona - Spain
Tel.: +34.937 143 900
Fax: +34.937 146 786
Sabacaucho, S.A.U.